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Finding Mr Destiny - 2010

(Copas Wikipedia)
Finding Mr. Destiny (Hangul: 김종욱 찾기; RR: Kim Jong-uk chat-gi; MR: Kim Jongok ch‘atki) is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy starring Im Soo-jung and Gong Yoo. It is a film adaptation by playwright-turned-director Jang Yoo-jeong of her hit 2006 musical.

 Gi-joon just started a unique business, an agency that specializes in finding people's first loves. His first client is Ji-woo, an odd young woman who met her first love during a trip to India. She only knows his name: Kim Jong-uk. Stubbornly precise by nature and a bit too passionate about work, Gi-joon is determined to complete his first job, even if it means he has to track down every Kim Jong-uk in Korea! As Gi-joon and Ji-woo travel around the country trying to find her first love, Gi-joon finds himself falling for his client instead.

  • Im Soo-jung ... Seo Ji-woo
  • Gong Yoo ... Han Gi-joon
  • Cheon Ho-jin ... Colonel Seo Dae-ryung (Ji-woo's father)
  • Ryu Seung-soo ... Gi-joon's brother-in-law
  • Jeon Soo-kyung ... Soo-kyung (musical actress)
  • Lee Chung-ah ... Ji-hye (Ji-woo's sister)
  • Lee Je-hoon ... Woo-hyung
  • Kim Min-ji ... Cherry
  • Jung Gyoo-soo ... Chief of travel agency
  • Lee Joon-ha ... Woo-ri (Gi-joon's niece)
  • Jo Han-cheol ... Director
  • Jang Young-nam ... Gi-joon's older sister (cameo)
  • Shin Sung-rok ... Captain Choi (Ji-woo's pilot boyfriend) (cameo)
  • Jung Sung-hwa ... Bus driver (cameo)
  • Oh Na-ra ... Hyo-jeong (cameo)
  • Choi Il-hwa ... Customer (cameo)
  • Kim Moo-yeol ... Airline worker (cameo)
  • Choi Ji-ho ... Kim Jong-wook the soccer player (cameo)
  • Won Ki-joon ... Kim Jong-wook the doctor (cameo)
  • Jung Joon-ha ... Kim Jong-wook the farmer (cameo)
  • Oh Man-seok ... Kim Jong-mook (cameo)
  • Kim Dong-wook ... Doctor Jung (Ji-hye's boyfriend) (cameo)
  • Uhm Ki-joon ... Kim Jong-wook (cameo)
  • Paul Stafford ... Tourist (cameo)

Komentar : biasa aja :( intinya di ending ya cowok itulah yang memang destiny-nya tapi mereka nggak sadar pernah ketemu 10 tahun yang lalu...

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